New Doosan Puma 400LMB lathe

Recent News - May 17, 2013

American Hollow Boring Co installs a new Doosan Puma 400LMB lathe

Leading machine shop American Hollow Boring Co, has recently invested in a new Doosan Puma 400 LMB lathe from Allegheny Machine Tool Company.

The new machine is a heavy-duty box way machine capable of high stock removal in difficult materials. It can handle large work pieces up to 22” in diameter and up to 80” in length, but the machine is really optimized to 9.5” diameter and 50” in length. The box way construction also provides vibration damping for extreme operations performed at American Hollow Boring such as cuts with long boring bars to 10x diameter. Although the machine is a little short compared to the company’s overall capacity, longer pieces can be machined up to 4.625” through the spindle.

Like a premium car, this machine has power everything. Power chuck, dual power steadies, power tailstock, and a 12-station turret with live tooling. The spindle power is 50 horsepower, coolant is high volume, and swarf is removed with an integrated chip conveyor. Range is extended with a large diameter steady rest capable of supporting up to 22”. With 9.5” hydraulic steady rests and slant bed construction, cutting tools can reach the entire length of the part without changing setups. Finally even parts with bores up to 24” can be supported thanks to new steady rests acquired from 0” to 24” with precision under .001” runout.

The machine is used for manufacture of parts for tooling, aerospace, defense, and custom machinery industries. Materials machined have included duplex stainless steels, Hastelloy C276, and various other alloys. Programs are developed in G-code both at the machine and off-line using Gibbs Cam software.

The machine has been installed to serve our customers better, enhance our core size range, and enable production of parts not possible with older equipment. These acquisitions along with recent certification to ISO 9001:2008 keep American Hollow Boring Co the industry choice for custom CNC machining of large parts.