Machining Services for the Military

Military Machining ServicesAHB moves the leading-edge of deep hole drilling, trepanning, honing, and machining services for the Military.  We add value by taking material away, lots of material.  If you need a hole, we can drill it. If you have a hole, we can make it bigger or deeper, straighter or rougher, smoother and more uniform.  Our service levels range from rough bored holes, to holes bored and honed, to precision boring and turning of critical components machined complete and ready to assemble.  We will provide your parts with less cost, less wait, and less trouble – making you more satisfied.  More than a job shop, more than a machine shop, AHB is your manufacturing solution.

AHB is a proud supplier to each branch of military and homeland security and qualified supplier for military contractors like Johnson Controls, ITT, ATK, and Eaton Corporation. This type of experience enables AHB to deliver complex machined products on schedule and on budget.

At American Hollow Boring we understand that our quality may enable the safety and success of our soldiers around the globe.  See our ISO quality certification here: AHB Certificate 2013 – PDF

Military Capabilities:

  • Deep Hole Drilling To 20″ ID  (508 mm)
  • Trepanning Up To 16″ ID  (400 mm)
  • Honing 1″ To 24″ ID  (25mm To 609.6 mm)
  • Machining (Rough, Semi Finish Or Finish) Up To 33′ (10.06 m) Between Centers
  • CNC Machining Up To 160″ (4064 mm) Between Centers
  • Saw Cutting Up To 16″ x 16″ (406.4 mm x 406.4 mm)
  • Crane Capacity 10 ton maximum for a single piece
  • Materials machined are practically all grades of metal including carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum, titanium, and high-temperature materials
  • Value-Added Services in house include 250 ton precision straightening, large shrink assembly, thread inspection and fitting, material storage, and more upon request
  • Value-Added Services by qualified vendors include material supply, heat treat, blasting, grinding, plating, testing, boxing, and more upon request