Quote Machining ServicesWe want to quote your project! 

To help us expedite the process, please gather the following information to start the quick quote:


  • Is a drawing or sketch available that is legible and complete?
  • Are specific and general tolerances provided?
  • Are sizes, locations, finishes, corner radii, and angles all specified?
  • For critical features, does the drawing fully define characteristics such as concentricity?


  • Do overall sizes fit within AHB size capacity, especially 20,000 pound weight?
  • Is material required or supplied by you?  What spec?  What heat treatment? Hardness?
  • What size and form of raw material is to be provided?
  • Is stock sufficient to make final part?
  • Is facing allowed?
  • Are bars rough turned?  Is turning allowed to run steady rests?  What minimum diameter?
  • What quantity is required?
  • When is a quote needed?
  • When is material available?
  • When are parts needed?

What services are required?

  • Boring only
  • Honing only
  • Turning
  • Other Machining
  • Material supply
  • Other services
  • Combination of All

Describe work to be performed:
If a drawing is available you can email it or provide detailed sizes and tolerances.

If you have answers to all of the above questions then click the below Quote button to get started: