Forge Fair 2013 in Columbus, OH

Recent News - May 22, 2013

American Hollow Boring exhibits at Forge Fair 2013 in Columbus, OH

Known to be specialists in deep hole drilling, trepanning, honing and machining, the American Hollow Boring Co. did exhibit at Forge Fair 2013. The show was held March 25th through March 28th at the Columbus Convention Center. Congratulations to the Forging Industry Association as it celebrates its 100th year!

Forge Fair 2013 LogoIt was reported that this was the largest and best attended Forge Fair show to date. Many companies were there from Steel making, Forging, Distribution, Machining, Heat Treat, and Press Manufacturers from around the world. American Hollow Boring is pleased to serve all of these industries through our many machining services.

AHB was represented at the show by Brad Kegerreis and Geoff Ginader. The booth featured two precision bored cylinders, our latest whitepaper on trepanning, and a golf theme. Visitors learned about our products and services while competing for bragging rights in a hole in one competition. The best record was 13 consecutive holes in one.

AHB looks forward to attending the next Forge Fair 2015 in Cleveland, OH.